Bright pink stretch dress graphic novel trim detail print by Dominartist

Shocking Pink Dominartist Fitted Dress Limited Edition Graphic Pop Art Collector


I decided on a shocking pink for this design to contrast with the images from the graphic novel and film by director Dominartist.
A slinky dress for collectors and investors who value a keepsake and reject throwaway clothing.
This is an artwork in itself from the Dominartist virtual catwalk featuring a pop art style image from the larger than life character.

Wash on the eco cycle at 30 degrees with gentle care and this red carpet, get noticed, photoshoot can be teamed with high heels or flats, oh and what about boots? Always great with boots!




Want a different colour? Drop us a line at the studio for your own personal single edition.

Make a statement and embrace the new year.
The label is 2020 and issued just before the new 2021 issues. 100 will be printed only.

• Imported fabric: 82% polyester / 18% spandex
• Material has a four-way stretch, which means fabric stretches and recovers on the cross and lengthwise grains.
• Made with smooth, comfortable microfiber yarn
• Precision-cut and hand-sewn after printing
• Blank product components sourced from China

Where possible we check that the dress complies with fair trade requirements.


Size guide

Chest (inches) 33 ⅛ 34 ⅝ 36 ¼ 39 ⅜ 42 ½
Waist (inches) 25 ¼ 26 ¾ 28 ⅜ 31 ½ 34 ⅝
Hip (inches) 35 ⅜ 37 38 ⅝ 41 ¾ 44 ⅞
  • Dominartist Catwalk

    The Dominartist prints original artworks from the exhibition on dresses rather than paper. The project is funded by Future's Venture and seeks to lessen waste through normal fashion practices.

    The dress becomes the artwork but more importantly becomes a collaboration with the wearer.

  • Please Remember

    The dresses are made to order and so we are unable to accept returns.

    Please allow two weeks for your eco art dress to be handmade and delivered.

  • Size Chart

      XS S M L XL
    Chest (inches) 33 ⅛ 34 ⅝ 36 ¼ 39 ⅜ 42 ½
    Waist (inches) 25 ¼ 26 ¾ 28 ⅜ 31 ½ 34 ⅝
    Hip (inches) 35 ⅜ 37 38 ⅝ 41 ¾ 44 ⅞



Redbubble Shop






Patrons and subscribers get 50% off! on selected items

The Dominartist prints original artworks from the Dominartist Exhibition on dresses rather than paper. 

The Dominartist seeks to collaborate with a real model linked  by an idea.

The model or wearer is the channel for the idea. Anyone can be a collaborator if they have a dress.

The dress  now becomes a fluid artwork that the artist's two dimensional art print lacked.

This dress relies on the collaborator to make the idea. 

The idea is that enlightenment can be discovered through art. The dress is the art.

Limited editions of clothes are of 100. Dated on the label 2020.

Dresses are considered wearable and collectable works of art.

The Dominartist exhibition does not currently offer traditional paper prints for sale, only dresses and postcards.

An ART DRESS is an investment but can be worn too.

The Dominartist rejects throw away fashion.

The Dominartist wears ART.

Our line of mini art postcards (4" x 6") offer an affordable and fun way to collect unusual fine art.

The Domino collection is fun and offers a keepsake artwork from the project.

The Dominartist turns designer for the new and exciting range of dresses and merchandise.

What makes us different? We use real art and put it onto fabric for an exciting and edgy take on street and designer fashion. From casual affordable items to limited edition dresses that are investments for collectors, the Dominartist label fuses amazing artworks from our in house designer artists with statement clothes for modern humans who are up for getting noticed as art and fashion fans as well as being contemporary dressers.

The art clothes, as we have termed them, should be viewed as a modern art gallery and each dress is an artwork to be treasured. Profit goes straight to the artists themselves and the dresses come with the original Dominartist Logo on the label.

Even performance art extravaganza, poetry, prose and music scores will be on these incredible designer clothes.

NB Scarves and Socks produced on Redbubble do not come with our label at the moment.

I am absolutely sure when the crossover of fashion and art occurs, but I don't believe I can put it into words, at least not words that will make sense. But I definitely know when it does happen because I can see it, I can feel it and it stirs emotion within me.


Sometimes the emotion is just excitement, other times it's 'wow!'


I have a couple of fashion Lines on the go here at the Dominant artist project. My eco-range of recycled and upcycled clothing and accessories came to a standstill at the start of the pandemic and it's on hold ready to be re-launched next year when I can get out and about once again.


But the new shop here at the Dominartist Project has finally found its niche. I am making art wearable through graphics. For me it's all about flat surface design when it comes to our fashion range. I've taken a simple dress (actually three) and put the work of our artists in various patterns and ratios across the fabric. You can now choose your particular favourite artist's work and emblazon them across your torso or rump. The Dominart label is singularly the most exciting thing I've done in the last week!


And while I've been at it I even put out on socks because it's Christmas and I found it amusing.


Above all and beyond all the most important thing about selling on the Internet is creating your niche, and mark my words readers, niche is all I have. I am most proud to present wearable artworks for clients of taste and derring-do at a reasonable budget, where the artists reap the rewards rather than the manufacturer, where the designs are unique and not copied from other artists, where workers are not exploited (as far as I can ascertain) and where the benefits seemingly outweigh the niggling doubt of shallow gains that vanity invokes.


I will be uploading one design a day for the next five years of the project, which is when our funding runs out.


I will be offering discounts for Patreon supporters and will pop up some subscription discounts in the new year.


Here is yesterday's design which uses the painting Babe which was recently on show at the Pellirocco Hotel in Brighton.


And for the accessories you can go to the Redbubble Shop





© 2020-2021 Dominartist


Welcome to the new cinema at the Dominartist Project. We are proud to present Fanny Blomme, a beautifully directed adult animation film, written, produced and directed by the artist known as Dominartist. Music score composed and performed by Tale Teller Club produced by AuDiOM.


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