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Video Artists, Filmmakers, We Need You: call for submissions.

Finally, after nearly a year of slaving over a hot editing laptop, Dominartist Project film channels are getting seen by Google.

I am also launching the new channel DigTV as soon as my keep fit outfit arrives and the new show for music tuition and wellbeing online.

It has been difficult to create work that no one can see.

No amount of sharing or access seemed to make any difference and finding who my perfect viewer is has been extremely difficult. Whilst I was performing as the Golden Dominatrix it was so easy. I had an army of paying clients who just wanted to watch some fleeting wet latex.

Channeling different performances has meant an end to the die-hards. The slaves to the rubber have disappeared.

The internet loves its niches and creating an arts channel is taking a lot longer than I had hoped.

Part of it is just how the internet works. Google likes extremes, especially sexual ones and although it parks such work in a hidden box, the adult content one, it will throw you at the feet of anyone searching for fetish erotica.

Another part of this delay is building a concrete reputation that depends on loyal supporters, or academics and art fanciers, who are interested in something with emotional staying power. These viewers and fans are not fooled by clickbait and understand real artistic endeavour. But these people are the hardest to find because they have different rules. I am searching them out over the coming months.

So what now?

I am setting up various channels for traditional genres and a few umbrella channels.

There is also a fair bit of free stuff from YouTube if it has any filmmaking use.

I am also looking for other filmmakers and video artists whose work I can stream her at the Dominartist project. I am not looking for porn but I will host work with adult content if it is interesting.

I see a lot of VJs using porn in their compilations and it is really dull. I also came across some footage of prostitutes in Mexico who clearly had not consented to the footage. The fact that they were on street corners or whatever makes no difference. They may be advertising themselves but they are advertising in limited space. The internet is not a limited space.

So if you have a film of any genre and you think it may work on the Dominartist Project get in touch and let's start a conversation. You will be able to charge to view it and we will take an admin fee of around 25%. You will also be seen by all our new channel visitors of course.