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Upgrading Garageband to Logic Pro for Fanny Blomme film productions

I spent all day doubled up over my laptop. Just me, Garageband and the cat, obviously, it was hell. By the end of it, I had to take muscle relaxants.

I knew I would grow out of Garageband quickly but four episodes into the Fanny Blomme series has surprised me. The old adage, a bad workwoman blames her tools, was my mission statement as I pushed on through.

Garageband has proved really unstable and crashes constantly. It doesn't have a decent virtual mixer and is sluggish and unresponsive when I need it most. I lost material more than once. The interface was clumsy and I was ready to give up.

Then I realised that Garageband is just the free version of Logic pro. Late last night I downloaded a trial version of the big guns. All my projects appear to be readable at least, there were lots of bits that needed retweaking though.

Most of all the microphone seems to work properly. Garageband was useless for live recording.

I probably will have to upgrade my Mac at some point because I am relying a lot on live recordings and that really is when things get tricky around here.

The sound is way better, cleaner, and the system seems fairly easy to manage as I have been working with Garageband for six months and the layout is almost identical.

I couldn't download all the plugins due to space but that doesn't worry me too much as I have three instruments that I play. Four if you count the bongos!

So today I will sort out the soundtrack for Fanny Blomme 5 and hope that I can make up for two days of wasted work.