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Tips on website building for artists

I have a love-hate relationship with Wix who is currently hosting this website at the time of writing.

They are also business-led and really not the best system for artists as the fees for anything arty mount in ever-increasing instruments.

I have been receiving bot mail on the site for months and just ignored them but is turns out they are really bad for lots of reasons and can lower your viability.

There is a captcha option on the contact form so make sure you check it. I hope to stop the bots from today and get back any search credibility I already lost.

Wix.com Ltd. is an Israeli software company.

It provides cloud-based web development services allowing users to create HTML5 websites. They also facilitate the creation of mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools. They offer free sites with their branding and the fees for extras mount up very quickly. The sites cannot be embedded into other sites.

a sofa design in yellow on a laptop with mobile phone, stationary and a cup of coffee
web design for artists presents many problems