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Thumb Position Double Stop Scales on the Cello, sounds nasty!

I am progressing through my own music advancement during this final month of lockdown, especially on my cello, and am trying to create my new thumb calluses.

I have been doing double stop scales in an attempt to harden up my right thumb. It hurts....it may be rather like torture. I thought I already had a perfectly good callus that could work its way around the finger board but you won't know pain until you start double stop scales in thumb position!

Is it worth it?

Yes, but this is my desire. I want the scales done by spring. They are the final part of my lockdown mission.

My music school focuses on whatever desire my subscribers have. This is key. This is the democratic approach for acquiring musical skills and knowledge. Whatever makes you happy, will make you a great musician.

For some that means joining me for a bit of a jam. For others it means working through the Popper Etudes together. For others, it means composing something to celebrate the life or loves that have touched them.

We all learn music for various reasons and as adults, one hopes, we are able to pick and choose our journeys. For victims of abuse or tragedy, music can offer respite from chaos or even give us a sense of control over our own path.

Personally, it is this control that gives me peace. I am also able to feel accomplished after each little success where previous battlegrounds have left me in tatters with a sense that I kept messing up. This is where spirals begin, defeat leads to resignation and ultimately, despair.

My new program of musicianship is a subscriber only channel. It is affordable, private, filled with caring ideologies for a better life. I will be uploading videos each day with musical tips and guidance, as well as tools and resources to aid your journey to becoming a musician or to overcoming depression through the application of music.

You don't need much to make a start. A tiny keyboard will be enough.

And you can dip your toe in to see what happens and leave whenever you like.

More details on the site.



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