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I took a day off music making yesterday to go swimming in the Solent.

It was a bitter day but invigorating as usual. Free swimming is one of the few things we can still do in lockdown and I always feel great afterwards.

Today I am back in the studio focusing on the new Fanny Blomme soundtrack for episode 5 which is my classical composition using cello and piano in E minor. This is the first Fanny Blomme track without drums. It has brought a traditional orchestral vibe to the film series and was not the easiest minute of recording I have done. I noticed how reliant I have become on the drum tracks which give me a digital audio regulation that keeps me in check. It is quick and easy to rely on the drum track, reliable. I suppose the drum track becomes the conductor.

I found some of the cello impros became very 'jazzy' which really threw me. The waltz timing went into a swing and then goodness knows where I was going. I liked it, but it was dangerous. I may try some real jazz in next week's episode, just to mix things up a bit, but I was going off on musical tangents that were not in the timetable.

The key to jazz, of course, is letting things go. But I could see myself being up all night experimenting over single bars! The hardest bit with working with digital music and freestyling in the same tune is creating something seamless in the final edit. I saw the error of my ways and drew myself back in. The jazz is a devil!

The other realisation was the fact that sharing music online means work will be downloaded, even if you try to stop it.

Of course, I put the tracks on our Dominartist and Fanny Blomme podcasts so they are free to listen to as soon as I let them go.

Hence the tracks on the radio shows are compressed into MP3s and sound very different to the originals. The CDs which will be produced when the series is complete next year will be mastered to the highest degree possible with my equipment. But that is a long way off at the moment.

For the time being, the Tale Teller Club at the Dominartist Project is focusing on film scores rather than single and album releases.

You can hear the soundtracks here.


And here