The Tale Teller

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The Tale Teller club is a place of gothic spookiness as we approach Haloween. There will be a scary tale or two, you have been warned.

I have started a separate blog for the Tale Teller as it is free and I am trying to manage without the encumbrance of fees. Art is ever compromised by funding and it suffers when there is no patron. But we can make art for free if we have time and during lockdown, time is no longer money!

I went to North End in Porstmouth yesterday and took some great shots of the architecture.

It is a run-down area now although there is a great sense of community with lots of ethnic shops. I found a weave shop but confess to being too scared to enter for being deemed too uncool. Ah, I must be feeling old, and yes, I will leave the brightly coloured plaits to the young and vibrant for today I ache all over and need bed rest till lunch at least.

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