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The Recorders are about to make their mark at the Tale Teller Club.

I am excited to start the recorder training program here at the Dominartist™ Project.

I ordered three and will be exploring the possibilities with each one, all exhibiting their differences, especially when it comes to recording them.

Lessons are similar to all other music lessons via Zoom and I will begin radio or podcast sessions this week in between recording the cello practice buddy sessions

I have three new recorders to kickstart the Tale Teller shows

The recorder is a cheap entry instrument for kids but wait, don't judge it harshly. There is some amazing music available in the repertoire and once you start experimenting with sounds the possibilities are endless.

Particularly, for today, I am recording layers of instruments for my new single to represent endangered animals and the recorders in my collection have a wide range between them. I hear birds and also, what's that, wood mice running rings around my feet?

The Tale Teller Kids shows will launch with entry-level recorder lessons and stories with musical soundtracks from the Tale Teller in full costume. I am so excited.

In other news, the radio channels are enjoying increased popularity across the board and the podcasts are being downloaded worldwide.

It is another busy week but the work is paying off.


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