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Setting up the new online music school has been quite smooth here at the Dominartist Project. The Student Zone will go live later this week as I tweak it ready for subscribers.

I am now seeking support for a PHD from several top universities to complement the project on an academic level.

I am offering affordable virtual lessons in cello and piano at £20 per hour and am happy to offer 30-minute sessions for £10. I am currently doing my teacher training course for cello so the lessons remain this price until it is complete. My training covers various methods and genres.

Why is my school of music so special?

Because it is totally student-led, democratic, and focuses on therapy through the acquisition of musical skills and the performance of musical endeavour in all its forms.

Those forms may be through the use of various instruments, one or more at the student's request, including digital instrumentation. There are thousands of instruments at our disposal on a digital platform and we have an entire orchestra.

I use Logic pro and Garageband but we can start our journey as digital musical collaborators with just a mobile phone and some apps. Digital music offers a great way to get some fast results without stress and often sets the seed of a desire to gain increased musical knowledge through playing an instrument.

If you are a non-player we can discuss options for starting with an instrument. The musical world is your oyster.

Our musical sessions will be an opportunity to explore improvisation, experimental and traditional classical methods

Music offers a time to recover and find peace in environments that have been difficult for us, a chance to gain confidence after trauma, a chance to occupy the mind where it is overwhelmed with anxieties, and an opportunity to collaborate and acquire great knowledge which can then be applied to improving our lives.

Teaching in this way is unique. The program focuses on kindness and holistic learner development. You and I become a team, musical collaborators. We both learn from our sessions.

I offer individual lessons and a budget subscription to the student zone which has tips, resources and video lessons suitable for all instrumentalists. There is also a keep fit program specifically directed towards musicians and anyone looking to find calm. You do not have to be a musician to sign up. The videos are inspirational and fun as well as offering an opportunity to gain many skills and benefit for my advice about holistic living, wellbeing and self-improvement. Everything is geared towards happiness and enlightenment for individuals, whatever their circumstances.

I am currently offering a series of 3 free online lessons, as part of my research, to people in the following categories:

war veterans


anyone who has been registered homeless in the past year

Please apply here www.dominartist.co.uk/contact

Sarnia de la Maré FRSA, MDes., PGDip Mus., BA Hons..