The Myth and the Real

Channeling the Golden Dominatrix put me in a curious frame of mind regarding intimacy.

On the one hand I was projecting the idea of intimacy but never actually fulfilling even the fantasy of it. I made a 'thing' to help with this concept as it is difficult to explain.

There is a make-believe Dominatrix

She creates an intimacy with the viewer through the internet

She is not real therefore the intimacy is not real

People respond to her as if she is real and believe the intimacy is real

She responds to their responses and their sense of intimacy

It becomes real for them

Eventually this IT becomes real for her as it is cemented in experience and time

The IT is now very real

Not the relationship

The relationship is irrelevant

Intimacy becomes real through a third entity

the IT

The IT is like a separate thing hosted somewhere else but difficult to pinpoint

No one knows who, where or what the host is as it invisible and silent

This IT is much harder to control

The IT becomes the art

I was compelled to create Wife TV following these realisations. Wif TV was also a performance artwork but I used the viewer as the creator. I made the viewers directors of their own intimacy to see what happened.

Intimacy in the 21st century is a moving target and as an artist, it has become my latest obsession. Intimacy is both friend and foe and manipulating it through virtual relationships is a very new concept for artists and writers. I do see that movie stars would have understood these concepts when they made films and had to manage fans who assumed a level of intimacy as their right. But the concept of widely available faux intimacy is interesting to me at the moment.

Wife TV will be up on the cinema page soon.

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