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The Inauguration and the transcending mood.

A new day dawns as Trump finally leaves office and we breathe a sigh of relief. Artists are recorders of history, truth narratives are what we play with, all be they subjective.

I am going to confess to feeling very stressed for the last four years over the antics of Donald Trump.

It started with him manhandling women and being verbally disrespectful about 'pussy'.

Every day I would watch the news and wonder what heinous crime he was perpetrating. The last fortnight was spent worrying about who he would hurt in response to him not winning the election. The man has been throwing dangerous toys out of his pram for a long time.

The media has adored Donald Trump. He has been great for ratings, better than Brexit, better than Covid.

I turned the news on to watch the day pan out as I drink my morning dose of caffeine. The news is thin on the ground today as the BBC has nothing to talk about, Biden is not nearly as newsworthy as that idiot Trump. Biden is so shiny and sparkly. I never saw such shiny people those of the new administration. They all look like they just came off a factory floor and then got gift-wrapped.

Trump does feature in the Birth of Adom and he will no doubt feature in the Fanny Blomme series too. The wonder of film directing means I have the rule of law, the rule over my memories and the rule over my art.

Trump does not stand a chance with us lot around. They say history is written by victors but it is also written in the artist's narratives.

I wonder how long we will remember Trump for?