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The Importance of My Dominartist™ Trademark Logo, Own Your Art, the Internet is an Idea Thief

Updated: Jan 27

I have been busy putting my logo on images of myself. In fact, I am trying to put my logo on anything that comes out on th internet. It is a hard call on things like Instagram. You have to take a photo and make a logo outside these platforms and it is all quite a palaver.

I also only wear specs or shades to stop the face recognition software in its tracks.

This is in case I become a revolutionary on the run from the cops....never try to predict the future, these are very unpredictable times and I write sci-fi!

Some images from my Instagram page with the Dominartist™ logo. My advice to artists is to never release any images, art or selfies, that can be copied or shared unless you have a logo on it.