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The Birth of Adom Film Soundtrack Release by Dominartist

Updated: Jan 11

It seems to take an age whenever I release a new track but here it is at last.

It will be available on many other platforms worldwide in the coming days but for now we are live on iTunes.



For music and recording boffs, I performed the piece based on a riff from Faure's Elegy which I then developed into a fugue. I transposed it and there were four string sections.

A fugue has a particular definition in music:

a fugue (/fjuːɡ/) is a contrapuntal (see also counterpoint)

It is a compositional technique in two or more voices or parts, built on a subject, or musical theme, that is introduced at the start of the composition and is repeated or copied and echoed, using changing pitches, timbres, timings and personalities etc. recurring frequently throughout the course of the composition.

I love a fugue myself because the repetition is increasingly easy to learn and play. It feels like you are practicing without trying. But also, for film soundtracks especially, a fugue can be used to create tension as the melody and thrust of the tune are constantly pushed and pulled with or without resolution.

But of course, the fugue has definitions outside music and these worked so well with the film, Birth of Adom, because of the sentiments I was hoping to get across.

A fugue is also a term used in psychology for a dissociative disorder where it presents as sudden, unexpected travel away from a person's home with an inability to recall some or all of their past. The onset is sudden and unexpected, usually following severe psychosocial stressors. This definition worked so well in terms of the earth's trauma which I was expressing in the film.

I will certainly be composing more fugues in the upcoming Domino videos which explore the human condition further.

My next film is in the process of construction. But I am tempted to use the harp for this episode.

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