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The Bach Suites Challenge with Sarnia de la Mare at the Tale Teller Club

Ah what a day it was after a great couple of practice sessions online at the Tale Teller Club.

I am a composer and experimental digital musician by trade but started cello a good few years back because there was no decent digital cello available. But I have never practiced earnestly until now. I am a practice buddy here at the Tale Teller Club for classical favourites and improvisation sessions. I keep things simple and specifically for adults. But I am launching the kid's shows soon too and will be teaching recorder, reading music and keyboards skills.

Actually, most shows will be accessible to all but the adult shows are a bit more conversational. You know I love to chat.

I try to do sections around 20 times but confess, once I get bored I stop. I never recommend that you push yourself beyond your personal tolerance. Our Tale Teller Club should be a fun place. I hope to provide joy and uplifting enlightenment through creativity.

Here is our first episode from the suites. Please join in.....if you have the music (I will enclose it above and it is on the member's pages) you can play with any instrument you have to hand and just ignore my bowing comments. Send me your recordings if you like. I will respond to members.



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