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The Bach Prelude week is coming up at the Tale Teller Club!

We will be sharing the joy with Yo-Yo Ma next week as we play the entire Prelude from the first Bach Suite in G. I can't believe we are nearly ready to do the whole thing.

We have a few more lines to do but will do them over the weekend and the minute my new cello comes we are on it like a car bonnet my friends.

My current cello is on its last legs and I can barely get a note out of it sadly. We can still do the 20 times challenge for individual bars as it can at least help with that. But I am more than ashamed of it and it won't stay in tune for me. The bridge is no longer laying flat and the crack is horrific.

We will be slowing Yo-Yo down to half speed for our marathon practice, then to 3/4 speed. Expect to ache the next day and have calluses on top of calluses. I can't wait.

If you need to start from scratch or remind yourself of each bar you can find all the work we already did on the relevant blogs along with the music score we are using.

I have been studying Yo-Yo and see how he really plays from the back with very little wrist playing. I am very guilty of playing from my wrist so I will look tomorrow and see if it helps to reign it in a bit.

We all play differently of course.