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Tale Teller Club and Musicianship Drives for Lockdown

I was shamed by a small child doing scales into getting out of my sickbed today and devoting the afternoon to G major.

My cello playing has risen in standard by 90% or more and I am thrilled to be approaching some level of fair standard at last. There is a long way to go still. But I watch and learn, even from the children.

Speed is my issue and whilst my ability to find my way around the cello is fairly advanced, it is slow and laborious.

So today I intend to be light of finger, a dancer on the stings of hope.

I have also found a teacher online who does an accessible course with lots of teacher modules so I am going to take the leap. Here is a trailer of her style and format. Although I am not a teacher at the moment, I am looking for funding for a new music pedagogy course that I am developing so I need to up my game.

Harmonics with Andrea Yun on YouTube

As part of my new progression to understanding the science and maths behind music (I rely heavily on my ear and cultural expectations) I found this.


I have started to ask questions about what I think I know, is was quite helpful.