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Sunday Practicing at the Tale Teller Club, how to learn well.

Updated: Apr 12

It goes without saying that practice makes perfect, but what is good practice?

Woman and man playing piano
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Here are some tips for you to consider today. We just finished a session with the Pink Panther and it is a long one so best commit now.

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Good tips for practicing

Repeat, start with single notes, then two notes together, then 3 etc until you get to phrases.

Turn of audio distractions, you can easily end up losing the key if there are audible distractions

Record yourself often

Always have a mirror to see your body position, bow etc

Never worry about mistakes at first, then focus on each mistake in turn to irradicate it

Use a drone

Write fingerings, note name etc, whatever it takes to make you play well

Don't play whole pieces until you get rid of the mistakes

Slow practice makes perfect practice, speed up really gradually once you have it all sorted

Relax and breathe all the time, keep hacking you are in the right zone with no mention in your body or mind

Drink water, stay warm

Take regular breaks to stretch