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Updated: Jan 27

Or is it Sex, Drugs & Frock n Roll

Or Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll

I am having a drama over the 'and' and the '&' in my new book title.

The internet cares about words. Robots like words.

Well, I will deliberate on these devilish details later. For now, I am editing the hundreds of images from the fabulous Brighton Arts Club years into a glorious artist's compendium.

The Brighton Arts Club, also known as the BAC, was a place for regular events often under the radar. We threw massive gigs and parties with little consideration to required bureaucracy. There was a lively secret bar that was open around the clock for those in the know.

There was always a commitment to art, fashion, music, and above all, making something radically different from all that had been before.

The club rented out studio space to impoverished artists who were creating radical art at grassroots level. The business model was flimsy and the space was eventually purchased by a property developer and turned into something gentrified.

Coupled with the local council's policy on noise and a commitment to reducing music venues in favour of London commuter homes, the club was forced to close. The police had got wind of things and gigs became untenable.

But every week for six years there were weekly timetable events with the club's own live podcasts and Youtube channel.

Festivals, open mic nights, poetry and spoken word events, fashion shows, multimedia exhibitions and even fetish nights, made up the regular timetable.

Then there were the private parties. Hundreds of partygoers and clubbers graced the venue with their presence, though it must be said, some will not remember the experience.

The private member's lounge was hijacked by drunks, politicians, and even the occasional policeman. My lips remain sealed and I will be respectful to the spirit of subcultural secrecy.

Fortunately, as an artist, I was armed at all times with my camera. I have thousands of images. Eleven thousand so far have been found and I am only halfway through the collating process.

The new publication will feature a hundred or so of the images with some anecdotal text to support the wonderful art movement that the arts club became.

One of the glorious portraits from an exhibition at the Brighton Arts Club that will feature in the new book by Dominartist Sex, Drugs and Frock & Roll by Dominartist