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Redbubble Review by Fanny Blomme

Updated: Feb 12

Feeling my golden urges with this collection.

My replacement chiffon scarf arrived and it is fabulous. The print is spot on, bright, exact and vibrant. The edging is fine. I am thrilled that the customer service was so good and without issue and was as speedy as one can hope from a bespoke order.

They wrap them in a cute way and the packaging is secure and very hard to tamper with. I spent time trying to get it open.

So I will be adding to my range under the Fanny Blomme label and give my full approval.

I decided against hand stitching labels for the time being but will offer them as an extra option through the shops at a later date.

I am awaiting some more deliveries for my next shoot, so hope to have those very soon too.

Fanny Blomme Topless Swimmer Film Merchandise Backpack £81.94 Shop all products

Covid socks were issued in 2020 along with a matching scarf