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Redbubble Disappointment and the Dominartist Sarong

Updated: Feb 6

I received my first Redbubble sample today. I ordered a scarf based on my Horsey Gal dress.

I may withdraw them from sale because it seems to faulty.

I like the weight and the size but it really feels like a sort of tourist thing you would buy and never use because the print is off centre. It does make a great sarong. I also don't like not having my label. I think it would feel way better with a label on it.

Sorry Redbubble, you are rubbish......I will keep the socks going....I mean, what can go wrong? I suppose I should order some to check.

I took a photo and you can't see the threads but it isn't good enough to sell.

I have asked for a refund or voucher so I will see what happens next.

My other printers are far superior.

The workaround would be for me to order them and label them myself, which I am considering. I can quality control each order. I will wait and see how Redbubble are on refunds and let you know.

The good news is that the artwork looks lush!


Redbubble were amazing and it turns out that the fabric had had a problem in the machine as it was printed, a rare occurrence, and my replacement is already on its way.

It looks marvelous I must say, even the one with the fault line.