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Propagating website, slow processes and a weekend off working on the Popper Etudes

The website is experiencing changes as the music school is being added and it is relaunching itself around the globe.

It means that a not-secure warning is coming up so the shop and booking systems are likely to be down for a bit longer. Well, they aren't exactly down but the warnings about not sharing financial details should be heeded.

I hate website issues, they are the least interesting part of the Dominartist™ Project.

But I do like the finished results, having a slick and seamless process of displaying the wonderful art and music that happens here.

So I am going offline for a couple of days to play music and prepare for my PhD interview on Monday.

The perfect excuse to do what I love best.

I recorded another film for the Music School yesterday which was great fun so I am getting the hang of filming myself and an imaginary audience. It feels odd but I am developing a style of online teaching which I like and hope is engaging for my musical collaborators. I am already beginning to lean towards experimental and electronic composition so things are getting meaty.

I also decided to change the lessons a bit with a new and more democratic method using terms like 'practice buddy' and 'fellow jammers'. I will update things when propagation is complete because now I am off to do some Popper Etudes and some Suzuki.

Sarnia de la Maré contemporary composer and musician

I see my vibrato is wearing away my cello!


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