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Pink Panther Weekend with the Tale Teller Club, free cello lessons with Sarnia de la Maré

Updated: Apr 18

Updated. We finished the easy level run-through today. Go further down the page for earlier podcasts. Now we will be looking at the difficult version but I will do it in very small sections as it is getting so tricky!

Here is bar 22 to the end with the

orchestral accompaniment.

The Pink Panther score solo section

From earlier....

We are going great guns with the Pink Panther.

Head of proceedings, and new to jazz but more than willing, is orchestra director Sarnia de la Maré

Follow the podcasts as we work through each section and will have a marathon weekend of rehearsals to finish by Sunday night.

Some of the sections have been repeated for separate lessons so keep going down to find your level as I will be updating all weekend.

The Music

up to bar 22....come back for the next bit on Friday 16 April.

Here is the first section 14 - 22 Tomplay with orchestra