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Piano Accompaniments to order

One of my Facebook colleagues is offering bespoke accompaniments for cellists and other musicians.

It is such a fabulous idea for anyone and particularly helpful for students and preformers.

Carlos AvilaInternational Cello Society · 1tStp7ohrrSnsored ·

Seems like a lot of cellists here have been inquiring about pre-recorded piano parts to cello music. There are certainly a number of resources and websites online, not to mention the amazing MyPianist app. If, however, you require a more personal touch or need piano parts to repertoire not available on the above resources, I have decided to lend a hand (two, actually). I did a few already for some ICS members globally - for Rachel Hanlin Siu for a gig in Australia months ago and recently for Claire Hirsch’s son in the UK. Obviously I don’t RECOMMEND this method of making music but we’ve never before encountered a situation like the one we’re in now and to be honestly crude, I could use the work. As raucous and attitude-filled I am on this channel, I promise I’m not like that in real professional life. It’s your recording, and I play your tempos and am generally quite friendly! I swear! With the exception of a few blaring and embarrassing holes, I do know and can play nearly the entire standard cello/piano rep at about 24 hours notice. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you can msg me or email me at carlosavila@gmail.com for rates and rep.

On a less formal and less high brow level, you can book me to share a half hour of practice for various styles if you are working with student projects and or band projects etc.

I specialise in music for wellbeing and adult learners and am currently offering half price lessons at £10 for 30 minutes in support of my PhD application research.

I can work with composition and performance with acoustic cello, harp and keyboard and my programmes cover classical, experimental and electronic genres.



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