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Perfect Fifth, New TV Channel

I am busy studying myself and honing my skills on two teacher training music courses at the moment but aim to launch my new TV show 'Perfect Fifth', in the next few days.

It is an online show with the focus on therapy and wellness through music.

There will be lots of online resources, a keep fit and mobility program, lessons on improvisation and self-discovery, backing tracks and more.

The course I offer is open to anyone really with any instrument so I try to avoid complex technical instruction focusing on improvisation and discovery. But I will offer lessons on certain instruments and will also offer jamming sessions where you can bring your instrument (online via Zoom) and we can work together with my piano or cello. I also have a harp which I can bring to the mix and I am a digital musician so we can use thousands of other options too, especially the drums which are great fun.

The main focus with my program of musicianship is a democratic one which is client-led. We work as a team and your acquisition of skills develops as you would learn a language as a child, effortlessly and at your own pace, always focusing on your wellness and holistic growth.

The course I offer is a course for therapy, enlightenment and development both musically and emotionally.

Skills that you may wish to work on will be painlessly acquired in a fun but meaningful way. Our feedback from lessons is a great way to progress and stop anything that makes you anxious.

If you are someone who is suffering mentally or emotionally, for any reason, these broadcasts and lessons are geared for your healing.

If you are in recovery from abuse or events that have impacted on your wellbeing, this program aims to enable you temporary reprieve during sessions and permanent healing when you begin to see the wonderful effect that making music can have on your life.

News to follow.