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Out of Office on a Cello Course

I am out of office for a bit as I am doing a cello course. The time to get a decent cello has arisen and I will be doing it justice with new skills.

Fanny Blomme video recording is on hold so I can focus and the internet will be off except for mother, ebay where I am bidding on sari's for a ceiling design and need to pay, and the cello course which is a paid subscription that gives me access to various modules. They are actually for teaching but my music knowledge is pretty advanced so it should be fine.

I have of course been improvising a lot for my soundtracks but I find the process unreliable because I tend to forget what I did or don't understand what I did. When I record things the scores don't make sense on the piano so I need to start practicing that too. I have been relying on rudimentary skills and they need to go up a gear. I want to design more complex harmonies for my film scores. I want to get the whole electronic orchestra involved and for that, I need to understand all those accidentals. It is all very tricky though I do know it all by ear. We all do really.

But this week is all about cello, next week piano, the week after harp.

So I am working on chords, and structures, scales and modulations. They are the building bricks of composition and I want to understand why I do what I do and start remembering sections.

I don't think it is too late to learn to memorise passages, though it is hard if you never tried it.

There are techniques, sort of cheats to guess where composers will go next. If you know that then you can memorise things better because transitions become obvious. I am getting fascinated with the twiddly bits composers use. I want to create twiddly bits too. I want to be unexpected. I can be unexpected in film and art, now I need to take it into my music.

Then, towards the end of the week, I will be focusing on speed. I tend to do things very slowly when I am recording but I feel it is a bit laboured so I want to loosen up a bit.

I think we will be in lockdown for another good month or so, plenty of time to become a musical genius........

It is really hard to have a working constructive timetable in lockdown when you work and create at home so I am hoping to work out some more structured timetables to aid my development as a musician and filmmaker.

After this course which may take a while, I am signing up for some jazz and blues courses.