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One week to go, the end of lockdown is nigh and I wonder what to wear?

A lovely sunny day with a nip in the air here I the UK but we are all very excited about our imminent release from lockdown prison.

Mum and I are excited about the charity shops and the pub being open, and fitting in hair salons and aesthetics appointments in between the inevitable tour of any shop that will open its doors. Any shop will do, I want to look at retail stock, whatever it is.

Today at the Teller Club I am starting the Flight of the Bumblebee. I have never done it but I know it starts on an E. I had a quick look at the opening line yesterday and predict it will take a year to get to the speed it should be so if you would like to join me in the journey pop over or listen to the podcasts each week. I will do very small sections as time is divided up between several other projects. Every little helps and we can see that we are already over halfway through the Bach Prelude in G. Time files by and pieces get done, there is actually no need to rush. Being really thorough pays dividends. I have improved so much with the Bach during these sessions. Mentoring for me has proved invaluable for my own learning and also for keeping my mental health more stable during lockdown. Committing to something has offered a sense of regularity and ritual which has proved positive emotionally, as long as things are done with flexibility.

Here is today's arty podcast from the Dominartist with updates about the project.



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