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I have really reigned in my spending lately, mostly because the world of art and music is ....well....over!

I will try not to be pessimistic, I am not here to share gloom.

Instead, I will share ways that we artists and performers can actually make some money, without getting so bogged down that we end up overworked and stressed.

That last bit is hard!

I write for another blog and it is finally getting some ads action as I monetized it recently. I love it because it is free and if you upload a lot you will get lots of passers-by.

WordPress too is really good at building a loyal audience. But you do have to upload A LOT and it should be interesting. Anything with sexiness gets loads of visits but you won't get advertising revenue from Google.

If you are running an adult site though you can try Traffic Junky. They have high standards though and you will need 30,000 hits and 300 images and videos....TOUGH CALL.

The other thing with blogging is that you can share your images but watch out for copyright thieves, they are all over the internet and they are low lives! My designs are being printed in Japan and America from images I shared years ago when I thought the internet was my bezzie.

Here is my other blog if you want to see how my commercial side works.


It is an organic developing site. I took down 6000 posts that were too raunchy for the bug G. But now I how have this site for artists against censorship and being a sweary old lady.

Peace x

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