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News About Dresses, the future of art is in the Dominartist Dress

My models are limbering up for their delivery of dresses this week and I am waiting with bated breath for the photo gallery images for the site.

I also have a scarf on its way to my good self as I decided taking selfies from the neck up is so much easier when one lives along in a pandemic. The Cat has been no use at all, he gets in the way constantly and being a white Persian, leaves his debris over every surface.

In the meantime I am committed to creating new designs each day and here is the next group. Some adult saucy ones, some cutesy animals....my designs are really far-reaching as they have come from art I have made and sold over the years.

I knew it was worth scanning everything before it left the studio!

You can see the whole catwalk range and the shows here.