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Music can be expensive, but there are cheaper ways to get it.

I received a couple of very cool music books for my new alto recorders. Now to work out how to do the fingering as it is different to my school descant.

Here is the podcast for today and rest assured, tomorrow I am live again working on the Pink Panther.....We may look at the Entertainer too.

Here are the links to all the Tale Teller pieces we are working on.

Beautiful Dreamer (complete)

Bach Minuet form Suzuki Book One (Complete)

Ave Maria (complete)

Flight of the Bumblebee (in progress)

Pink Panther (in progress)

I am up for doing one short piece per day as we also work on some other complex pieces bar by bar. We deep practice here at Tale Teller and work slowly on technique so that we can make best use of whatever instrument we use.

If you have a request, sign up and I will work on it. I record whatever I am doing nearly every day so all ideas are much appreciated.

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