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Dominartist News, Monday Mood, Calls for Art and a New Year of Covid-19

Updated: Jan 24

Covid-19 has meant more digital arts and less live performance

A quick update from the Dominartist Project HQ.

The site is starting to appear on Google searches and the images of the artworks are making their way into the ether. Of course, it takes years to make a real impact online (unless you have a bottomless cash pit) but I am committed to beavering away each day and making a visit to the online show an experience that will get people talking about art and applications that are fuelled by the issues I care about.

At the current time these issues are:


Mental health, abuse and recovery


The impacts of sexism and racism


The media I am using is multi-disciplinary but I personally am working in


Music and recordings

Flat surface graphics design

Print on clothes



My studio is entirely digital at the moment and the coming months will explore some other digital possibilities that I am looking into. I may as well make lockdown as tolerable as possible.

So what for 2021? Well, I have a couple of big photo and film projects coming up in the coming weeks and will launch a new exhibition space when they are ready.

I doubt very much if lockdown will be over any time soon so I will try to make some entertainment too.

Trying to get artists on board has proved really time-consuming so I cannot make time at the moment to scout for talent. If you are reading this and you know someone who is likely to benefit from being part of the shows, send them my way. The only stipulation is that you run your own blog here with regular input. In exchange, I will expose your work in the galleries.

That is it for news from the Dominartist Project!

Peace x

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