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Looking toward the end of the Pandemic at the Dominartist Project.

I have been working like a Trojan on my SEO and creating the online interactive space here at the portal. The site has been my absolute focus and it has saved me from serious depression and loneliness.

dominartist dress siamese cat drawing collectors catwalk edition
Looking forward to wearing this Dominartist art dress with friends this summer

It was no mean feat spending every waking minute perfecting the interactive multi-media galleries, writing endless blog updates, recording podcasts, making music, making films, writing books, and whatever else was necessary to make the Future's Venture foundation proud that they gave me financial backing in 2020. Then to make good the mess that Covid-19 had caused to my London show.

Now, as the glimmer of light appears and we approach spring, I wonder how I can shift gears.

This level of preoccupation is unsustainable and I want the summer off but I need to learn how to break.

I am so glad I had something to fill my days to save me from the darkness of my own headspace, somewhere no one should ever have to go.

With all the festivals cancelled and all the shops bankrupt, summer will be a strange place of relearning how we spend our days. There will be surprises for us all.

I predict business ventures will ramp up and there will be hundreds of new projects popping up. That is what we do, us humans, we trade. Trade holds communities together.

We might look to the future with some excitement.

Then there will be socialising with old friends. How perfect will summer evenings be drinking wine and making idiots of ourselves like the old days?

I have an entire year's worth of clothes to wear and some I won't wear because the fashion, while we were in jail, is about to go off on a tangent!

This unpredictability is exciting, I am enthralled by it today. We are about to go on an adventure, let's enjoy the ride.