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Greensleeves for guitar, cello, piano. Fun with D minor

Updated: Mar 30

In conversation with a fellow musician last night we decided that Greensleeves was a good option for a ukelele and recorder.

To book a lesson or practice buddy session go HERE otherwise, practice all the bits and play along with rehearsals all week and I will put a track together at the end with drums and synth.

I may as well do a cello practice buddy session too as it is relatively easy. Besides, my recorders are still not here yet.

Here is a link if you want to play with a digital accompaniment and I will do it this morning on a podcast too with the drone.


The score below has tab and we will do the 20 times challenge. As it is a short song it will not take long.

I will do a funky backing track when we have learnt it and you can send me your recordings.

Download PDF • 20KB

Let's also do D minor scales today.


I am creating members' pages so we can chat more easily as I rope more people into the virtual orchestrations and other shenanigans.

Have a great Monday.


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