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Future's Venture, Funders of the Dominartist Project

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

I thought I should give some information about Future's Venture as they awarded the Dominartist a generous and grant which enabled the project and this site.

DESCRIPTION Future’s Venture (FV) is a UK radical arts charity and initiative with an innovative ideology. FV is an organization created to develop, research, document and distribute, the shared radical arts heritage of several generations of UK artists over the last forty years. The heritage at the centre of FV, and its practice, relate to the historic work of Welfare State International (known as the WSI) and includes performance, music, songs, actions, events and films without prejudice. FV promotes access and opportunities for UK artists and the public in radical arts including music, film, photography, performance, education training and professional development towards further radical arts dissemination. FV has supported and commissioned over nineteen artist-led projects, allocating well over £200,000 across the UK. There is a Facebook page for the group here, welcoming members of the public and interested parties.