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Free Audio Books by the Tale Teller at the Dominartist™ Project

Updated: Jan 27

Welcome to the new wave of storytelling by the Tale Teller here on the Dominartist website, a new chance to interact with creative projects especially for the Covid-19 generation.

Podcast stories at the Dominartist Project feature the music of the Tale Teller Club. Each track to accompany the serialised episodes are unique to that episode representing the characters through instrumentation and creating the mood through composition, development and contemporary classical musicianship.

The Tale Teller is a highly experienced musician and composer. The soundtracks are as detailed as the visuals and made especially for the international listeners on the Dominartist Podcast.

Audiobooks are a great way to learn, relax, and be effortlessly entertained. This is why podcasts are the biggest increasing media facility now available worldwide. We are, by default, the next big thing!

Tracks are easy to navigate too and the Dominartist uploads new radio shows every week. Fanny Blomme soundtracks are here on the station for free so if you do not want to pay to subscribe to the Dominartist cinema, you can still hear the story of Fanny Blomme.

The Tale Teller Club is the musical umbrella term here at the Dominartist project. The musical portfolio by the Tale Teller Club is set to rocket with weekly compositions for the Fanny Blomme Cinema series.

NB. The audio tracks uploaded on the internet are compressed versions of the collectable CD tracks. The official CD tracks will be released separately and are mastered to a much higher standard. For copyright reasons, all Tale Teller Club online releases and downloads through streaming partners are lower quality than the albums that will be released this year which are specifically produced for art and music connoisseurs.

The albums will come with artwork by the Dominartist featuring never before released signed editions of the Fanny Blomme artworks and will offer the highest quality recording and listening capabilities.

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