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For Sale Electric Camac Harp, careful lady owner

Updated: 15 hours ago

I have to sell the harp as I need a new cello asap!

Here is the listing on eBay


Here is a video I did earlier....unable to do the beast justice of course but when I sell it I will buy a little one and learn properly.

Some info about this gorgeous harp.

DHC 36 Blue Light

“CAMAC’s new ‘DHC’ model is the ultimate crossover instrument for everything from Celtic to Rock! Light enough to wear comfortably throughout a full-length show, gorgeous on stage and fascinating to audiences,

Aside from its 11-pound weight, and spectacular appearance, producers, recording engineers and theater sound-techs are in love with its rich, resonant, even sound.

THE crossover instrument of the 21st century fusing the old and new across many music genres with the ability to be amplified to Wembley standard.

  • Height: 56" (143 cm)

  • Weight: 16 lbs (7.5 kg)

  • Range: 36 strings, A1 - A36

  • Stringing:

  • A1 - D26: Camac nylon

  • C27 - A36: Lever harp bass wires

  • Materials: Carbon Fibre

This is the woman I wanted to be! But I have arthritis in my neck so find these moves impossible. I am 58 though!


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