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Feminist animation film, Fanny Blomme part 5, abstract art that moves on screen.

That was a great day spent yesterday on the catwalk and flouncing around with my green screen.

Interestingly, I learned a lot about how the green screen and the timer on my phone can be used to exploit special effects and am rather excited about doing the Fanny Blomme part 5 episode over the weekend.

This episode is tricky because I am illustrating aliens who have dubious physical forms. I did buy a fancy-dress robot costume which I will probably use but mostly I will be animating colours and watery shapes. For want of a better word I will use 'trippy' to describe what I need as we all know what that means, one hopes at least.

I am also working on the scale of G on my harp and cello. I know the scale really well but I am working on an extra octave now and need to record something beautiful for Fanny Blomme episode 6. I have to work a week in advance on the music so a can get the scale right ready for my composition.

But recording is proving to be a nightmare. I creak while I play and if I try not to make noises with body movements, etc, I find it really hard to play with any finesse.

Also, I play best when I improvise and I need to wear headphones and I have a problem with the lead! It touches the strings accidentally and is too short to be comfortable.

I may look at the ridiculously expensive wireless headphones as an option.