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Fashion Crazy in Lockdown, the shop and virtual catwalk goes live

No one is dressing up whilst we languish in Covid jail.

But it is a great time to stock my Dominartist shop and get the fashion show rolling.

My dress arrived with my model in Brighton earlier and she will doing her selfie influencer shoot on Friday.

I cannot wait!

In the meantime, here are some from today's virtual global catwalk!

These dresses were designed for the Ecofam fashion show which was sadly cancelled due to the pandemic. So now our fashion project goes completely virtual as the Dominartist tries to corner the weird dress market.

I am thrilled with them and even more thrilled that my partners who print and sew my dresses are professional and skilled artisans.

I have kept to one sleek and simple design as these dresses are all about the graphic.

The Dominartist does not make art on paper, only dresses.