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Fanny Blomme Puppets and Animations

I am working on Fanny Blomme 5 today and as we are still in lockdown have moved into the surreal world of puppeteering.

I bought these prosthetics initially to wear but decided it would be so much easier and more versatile if I made puppets out of them.

The story of this episode relies on ideas and fantasy imaging that is not easy to explain.

Puppets are going to give me more freedom of expression.

I have never used this technique before so I am rather excited by it!

It is also getting very close to creating my own character as Fanny Blomme moves into adulthood. I am now thinking about the best and most concise way to represent Fanny Blomme in a physical form.

And so a week of film lies ahead and a lot of post-editing with animations as special effects take over from the raw act of recording.

You can watch the films here