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Fanny Blomme Part 5

Updated: Jan 27

The Meeting

photo by https://pixabay.com/users/kellepics-4893063/

The Enlightenment Panel met for an extraordinary meeting to ascertain the progress of the Embodiment Experiment, a last-ditch attempt to find a solution to the erosion pandemic that had escalated in recent times to a debilitating extent and for which there was no cure as yet discovered.

The members were manifest mostly in sensory patterns, kaleidoscopes and colours rather than static forms. They did have reference shapes and vague outlines but they were fluid, watery and airborne. Some were see-through and solid at the same time and yet they were able to cast shadows on the surroundings and could disappear and reform at will.

‘I would ask that we allow visibility where possible please,’ said Flagrim, who had been elected at the start of the current emergency to chair all meetings pertaining to the crisis.

The Enlightenments were dying. All the illuminations they represented would disappear soon. They needed to establish physical forms to survive. For many decades they had been searching for a solution to their problem and had travelled the universe in search of a fusion that would benefit both the Enlightenments and the host bodies.

The previous embodiment had been with a species from a planet called Drescodin. They had proved to be barbaric and lacked intellect. They destroyed themselves eventually but an onlooker could see echos of the alien forms in the Enlightenments.

They were very old.

'I am unable to retain the constant form for very long,’ said Ardani. This illumination was fading fast due to the crisis. It was losing colour and becoming increasingly and uncontrollably see-through and monochrome.

‘Yes, we understand, and accept your predicament in accordance with the rules.’ Flagrim bowed, sort of, at least their formation pulsed and their shadow showed a bowing motion.

The encasement building had been constructed with rudimentary blocks in Dimension 32. It was a temporary building but in the state of emergency, lacked the sophistication most of the panel was used to. But the Enlightenments were losing the battle of surviving and the impact upon their existence was palpable in their moods as well as their surroundings.

There was a chilling breeze and tumbleweed bounced between the crumbling walls.

‘Preceptor,’ said Flagrim, ‘how is the experiment?’

The Preceptor paused to gather their thoughts and considerations, not wanting to paint too grim a picture.

'The experiment has been named, Fanny Blomme, and it goes as well as can be expected in the circumstances. Unfortunately, we were unaware that fusing an illumination with a humanoid would result in complete amnesia.’

(gasping sounds)

All members of the panel gasped. This was most unexpected. The point of the union was to learn and develop a solution. for the illuminations. Was this not putting the project back even further?

‘How is this even plausible as an organised experiment? asked Shalma, surely the experiment has failed already?’

The Preceptor expressed a sense of concern by evaporating briefly but continued in a positive tone.

‘Well, we have sixty or so earth years to complete the experiment….’

All members became agitated and mumbled various expressions of concern.

‘Far too short a time to save our kind!' shouted Verdine, ‘we have been searching for a better solution for many years, how is this even considered an option worth continuing? We are wasting valuable time, surely we must find another means. Do you not see how we are disappearing, look at us, We disappear by each sun turn, we will be gone in less than one-hundred earth years.’

'I have already lost half my elders,' cried Shalma.

The members pulsed and shone in agreement, except for Ardani, who was temporarily invisible.

‘Preceptor,’ demanded Flagrim, ‘state your case immediately. ‘We are all wasting away without adequate bodily forms.’

The Preceptor puffed themselves bigger and brighter.

'The experiment, Fanny Blomme, is now embodied in a life form on the planet earth. The earthlings are simpletons, highly ignorant and underdeveloped. They have two separate gender affiliations; one is called female, girl for the younglings, and this is the form that we have bestowed upon Fanny Blomme. Unfortunately, Fanny Blomme has no recollection of why they are there and must find enlightenment before they reach sixty-years. At this point, the cancer, a by product of the transition-fusion process we instigated, will take hold of the physical form and it will self obliterate.’

Verdine expressed concern, ‘Will the illumination return to us unscathed or obliterate with the humanoid. This seems so dangerous for….?

The Preceptor interjected. ‘We cannot be sure but it would seem likely that both the illumination and the humanoid will be lost at such a time. We are fading fast already and the energy involved in the transition-fusion is traumatising for all concerned. We do not expect reformation beyond body obliteration without enlightenment.’

‘So the illumination will die also, a wasted experiment of one of our own.’ Ardani, faded again. The members felt the projected sorrow.

The Preceptor paused then added, ‘the illumination was well informed and accepted the risks involved at the time of the fusion. They were willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the Enlightenments.’

The members were silent for a while.

Flagrim spoke first. ‘We will reconvene according to protocol. We will all need to keep fully updated on the reports of Fanny Blomme. This girl child holds the future of the universe within.

to be continued

©2020 the Tale Teller/Sarnia de la Mare

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