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Fanny Blomme Films and Ocean Swimming in Lockdown

I worked tirelessly last week on the soundtrack to Fanny Blomme 5 and burnt myself out over my new software, Logic Pro.

It was intense and brought home to me just how much I enjoy actually playing rather than editing on a computer.

Taking a few days off to focus on the Dominartist dresses has paid off and I am back to the final edit later. The films are becoming increasingly complicated and require much longer now, as I seem to have improved all round. But the process is very time-consuming and deadlines cause me a lot of stress so I am readjusting the timetable and separating the audio and visuals by a week so I can really immerse myself in the processes.

Editing just the animations is quite a different project to editing the audio. I actually get mixed up with the software so doing them separately makes sense. But it is the uadio that comes first.

Today I woke with inspiration for the final of the first volume, Spring. I love the way inspiration just comes to me in my sleep.

I am off for my weekly swim shortly though and will no doubt be invigorated after a lazy weekend with too much wine and sugar.

I did create a new shop department at least and a new gallery over in Germany with my partners at Kunstmatrix.

I thought long and hard over the title of my new department as it transpires that Google won't share sites that use certain words unless searchers are looking for them specifically. I ended up with an Adult Dress Shop....not very original but let's see if it works. Much of what I do is largely experimental as the site is so new and predicting algorithms is a tricky business.

See below some of the Adult Dresses and the exhibition which I am really proud of.

I am working also on an essay about how misogyny has affected my career but that won't be ready for a while as there is so much to write, sadly.

Here is the new department Adults