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Fanny Blomme 5 Soundtrack Podcast

This week's episode of Fanny Blomme is a week late due to technical issues. I very nearly gave up and started again but the result is actually ok.

The episodes are sample from a future album which will be mastered for CD. The podcasts are basic MP3s so there is a lot of audio compromising going on to get to mass broadcast.

I also changed software this week and then regretted it, went back to basics, realised I was spoilt now with the fancy kit so went back, then made some time compromises so I could publish.

I have had a crash course in Logic pro and I feel pretty smug about it.

Youtube was a great help and I have subscribed to some channels, all men obviously!

Anyway, this week's key signature is G Major. Time Signature 4/4. Basic is maybe but I need to formalise my education with the software before I try another waltz.

I am all waltzed out.