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Exhibition Dates

I am snowed under with creating films at the moment and am filming a scene tomorrow involving fire! How exciting. There will be rum after to celebrate.

I am also joining my fellow musician AMBZ in starting a covers band....yes....can you believe I would so anything so cheesy? Well......the songs will not be cheesy when I have put the harp through a looper and the cello through a distortion pedal.

As for the upcoming exhibitions, the shows will be for artists who regularly write for the blog and that means, an article a week, or a podcast, or a film......do your thing and get in touch if you would like to write for us. We had a meeting and decided that occasional bloggers will not be eligible at this time as the exhibitions cost us a lot of time and effort and are paid for by ourselves and our sponsors.

I am taking some time off the blog in order to get on with art things elsewhere. I am writing a sci fi thriller, running two other blogs, have a lot of music and film stuff to do for Domino, and.....it is coming up to Christmas. I will be around but not every day, so bear with me if I am a bit slow getting back to you.

Ambz and I are doing some live YouTube recording too so I will share those when they are ready.

Here are my other blogs



I closed down the TV channel for now and it seems to be a good idea to do less. Less stress, less wasted effort, better quality output.

I will drop by on Monday with the weekend's antics and some featured artists.

One more thing ......Marine Serre founded her label while working at Balenciaga, after stints at Maison Margiela, Alexander McQueen and Dior among others. The French designer strictly follows environmental practices and is well worth looking at. We are really supportive of eco matters here at the Dominartist Project.

I will do a more in-depth write up at some point but her designs are here


Peace, love and art x

by Zane Jafari 1962 -1991


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