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Dominartist, the Artist Who Prints on Dresses. A Q and A session

Q. Why do you print on dresses?

A. The idea of getting women to wear my art is a suitable extension to the Dominartist project which is all about female gender empowerment.

Plus, the idea that my art would get a better public viewing was really appealling.

Q. Are your dresses just for women?

A. No not at all. I fully hope to engage men in buying them and wearing them.

Q. Are people buying them to wear or to frame.

A. I can't really be sure at the moment as the project is so new. I suspect though that it will be a bit of both. They look really cool in a frame on a wall. I hope that they would get worn and then maybe framed when the investor has got bored of wearing them. But you can never predict what a client will do with an artwork once it has left the studio.

Q. What happens once 100 of a dress are sold? Is that the end of the road for a design?

A. Certainly for that version of it yes. It hasn't happened yet so hard to say if I will issue a different version of the same original. I could reissue in different patterns or colours but I am not sure I will need to as there are a lot of artworks to choose from and I wouldn't want to distract from the first issue. I always want to stay fresh and radical, that is my only self imposed restriction.

Q. What do you hope to achieve from this sort of creative arts production?

A. My art is always about enlightenment and creating empathy for the female experience. I hope the art dresses help spread the message of equality, caring, enlightenment and hope.