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Updated: Jan 13

I love the latest designs at the Dominartist Project. These will feature in the new year with free dresses for models directed by radical photographers.

If you are a photographer with directions that might fit the Dominartist style, I will send your chosen model a dress and host your shoot here at the project.

I would expect radical photography but with editorial standards, at least ten great photographs to be given to us copyright free, the rest are yours to do as you wish.

Please get in touch if you have some ideas.

Dominartist dresses are available as limited edition artworks with label dated 2020 until the issue is sold. After that, labels change to 2021 or whichever year they are reissued.

Accessories are also available at our sister store on Redbubble but do not come with labels as yet due to the ease of copyright theft.

All profits to the artist after manufacture. Free delivery worldwide.

Vive la Revolution by Sarnia of London Scarf From £28.33

Babe Dress by Dominartist Socks From £19.77

Girl Boy Blue Trans by Dominartist Socks From £19.77

Sunbeam By Zane Jafari Scarf From £28.33

© 2020 Dominartist

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