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Dominartist Project Press Release

The Dominartist is a British born radical feminist artist working across genres, particularly in film and performance

The artist assumed the life and identity of a Dominatrix for over a year in order to make a series of groundbreaking artworks about gender and power in the twenty-first century.

The artist was awarded funding in 2020 by the Future's Venture Foundation to create an intricate and groundbreaking exhibition about the experience.

The pandemic meant that the entire project was taken online and the Dominartist created a virtual interactive portal with global access.

The portal boasts several interactive gallery spaces, readable interactive books and publications, a feminist cinema, a lively and inciteful blog, and a virtual gallery-style catwalk utilising the artist's commitment to the novel concept that her art should be worn, not hung on a wall.

A series of dresses are the only way to purchase the exhibition prints but the video from the initial project, 'Birth of Adom', can be watched online by subscribers for a small fee which helps fund the groundbreaking 100% virtual extravaganza.

The exhibits and photography galleries are adult in nature and not for the faint-hearted.

The artist, known only as Dominartist, sought to understand and reveal the complex relationship between gender and power and the inevitable interplay between fetish and shame. The result is an illuminating series of artworks including video, photography, music and poetry.










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