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Dominartist™ makes art dresses.

Updated: Jan 27

I was looking for a different way of printing my work on something novel.

I like to be different for a start.

But more than that, because the Dominartist project was all about the rise of the feminine, gaining power through a dominatrix style empowerment, and the playing with clothes and appendages ( I appropriated several strap-ons and phalluses for the performances), it seemed an obvious decision to print the artworks on dresses.

I am working closely with my printer to get the prints right.

The dresses are not simply dresses.

I mean, you won't buy one, wear it for a night out, then chuck it in the bin or give it to a charity shop. Each dress is a bespoke item made especially for you. The dresses are sealed at the point of printing which is overseen by a specialist printer, one at a time. They are not factory-made.

When you buy a dress you are buying an investment artwork that is a limited edition from the Dominartist exhibition funded by the Future's Venture Foundation.

But you can wear it if you want to.

I am not offering returns. You buy the art, you keep it. It will increase in value. You might prefer to frame it. The colours are light fast and when I die the value will rocket.

I am offering signed ones too.

When we are out of lockdown there will be a fashion show....but it is on hold for now.