Dominartist™ Exhibitions, A Response to Lockdown

Updated: Jan 27

Here are our current exhibitions at the Dominartist Project funded by the Future's Venture Foundation and in response to a year in lockdown which made the live show impossible.

The exhibition had to be cancelled as venues were forced to close and any plans for the London event were put on the back burner.

By the end of the year, it was clear that the pandemic was not likely to be over.

The online exhibitions have many advantages.

They are here to stay and will, over time, attract many more visitors that the London show would have. The accessibility is increased as visitors themselves do not have to travel to see the show.

And finally, the virtual gallery can be updated and developed in an organic way as time goes on.

The shows are free at the moment and will stay that way for the foreseeable future as they have been well funded.

There is still an option to support the project and donations are welcome. You can subscribe and support us and have free access to the feminist cinema Fanny Blomme.

The prints from the show come in the form of the Dominartist Dresses as I rejected tradition art prints for now. You can see an explanation and artists statement on the mission statement page.

I must thank the staff at Kunstmatrix who offer a great service for the galleries.

The Prints Gallery from the Book Birth of Adom available on Amazon. Prints are available on dresses in the shop.

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The Shame Exhibition

The newest exhibition Fanny Blomme, an ongoing series


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Dominartist Books

Welcome to the new cinema at the Dominartist Project. We are proud to present Fanny Blomme, a beautifully directed adult animation film, written, produced and directed by the artist known as Dominartist. Music score composed and performed by Tale Teller Club produced by AuDiOM.


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