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Dominartist™ Dresses, Press Release

Updated: Jan 27

'Clothes are tools of feminine evolution. The Dominartist prints original artworks from the Dominartist Exhibition on dresses rather than paper. The Dominartist seeks to collaborate with a real model linked by an idea. The model or wearer is the channel for the idea. Anyone can be a collaborator if they have a dress. ​ The dress now becomes a fluid artwork that the artist's two-dimensional art print lacked. This dress relies on the collaborator to make the idea. ​ The idea is that enlightenment can be discovered through art. The dress is the art.'

One of the limited edition dresses by the Dominartist

The artist known only as Dominartist has rejected traditional methods of creating printed artworks and opted for an unusual series of wearable art dresses.

The dresses are printed from the artworks produced whilst the British born radical feminist took on the life and identity of a larger than life character called The Golden Dominatrix.

The dresses are limited editions of 100 with the label 2020.

The dresses are £190 each with free international delivery.

Dominartist Dresses

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