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Dominartist Audio Blooks by Tale Teller Club, New Podcast Show, English Rose

Tale Teller Club composes and performs all of the soundtracks to the new films and audiobooks on the Dominartist Project.

photo by https://pixabay.com/users/luboshouska-198496/

You can hear the tracks on our podcast channel.


Each episode is meticulously written, narrated and composed and the films will make up a complete visual animated saga after lockdown.

You can listen to the Dominartist audiobooks for free but films ask a small fee or you can watch for free if you subscribe to the VIP Lounge

The podcast shows will also feature more traditional stories from international cultural archives read by the Tale Teller.

Below is the Tale Teller Adults Podcast and we also launched a kids channel.


The Tale Teller Kids Show

Lots more radio output is on the cards as we begin another 12-week lockdown in the UK in an attempt to keep the Covid-19 vaccine at bay until our vulnerable people are vaccinated.

I must thank Future's Venture yet again who have enabled the launch of the site and our truly multi media interactive arts initiative.


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Welcome to the new cinema at the Dominartist Project. We are proud to present Fanny Blomme, a beautifully directed adult animation film, written, produced and directed by the artist known as Dominartist. Music score composed and performed by Tale Teller Club produced by AuDiOM.


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