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Diaries of a Countess, THE PALACE Business and THE HACKNEY BLOOMER

The decorators and designers of interiors and gardens have busied themselves all week with preparing the Hackney Palace. The fountains have been installed adjacent to the maze....yes readers a maze! I have so desired such a thing since having lost myself in one the time the Duke visited at the house in Frensham. What fun we had running and screeching and darting about the bushes at dusk.

(We were, as I recall, rather disgruntled that my governess was to interrupt our frolics as she reminded me that I was to put more effort into my studies. Since then of course the Duke has been married off to someone from the Russian states who carries weight around her rump.....perhaps he does not play chase anymore or perhaps she is less good at being found than the Countess was.)

The maze in the Hackney grounds is an exact copy of the one at Henver Castle.

The water features have been placed close to amphitheatre. There was an issue with sound of course which may distract the Shakespearian performers and so one was mindful of noise pollution and disturbance.

My sojourn to Hove has proved most beneficial despite Mother's rather mundane routine. I am in remarkable health having avoided the vodka and wine that has been such a part of my regal lifestyle to date with abundant invitations to balls and banquets. On can quite tire of all the heady excitement and flushing that comes with over consumption of import.

 As the Lady Pembleton-Fraser is under medical instruction to restrict the growth of her 'front porch' the portions at table in Hove are fit for sparrows. I have taken to snacking in the wee small hours on chocolate that is especially constructed for those in the borough who are concerned with an advancing girth. I feel even the Countess, who is not concerned for visual improvement as she already nears perfection, is indeed benefiting to some degree as I am fitting into smaller bustles and corsets, a small boost to ones charm one may assume.

Business has taken an upward spiral. The walk-in cupboards have been cleared and the items sold to trade with great success. Furthermore, my seamstresses were able to assist in the manufacture of two new ranges of Palace garment which I feel quite reflect the class and style that the public has come to know of the Countess.

The Hoxton Mini and the Hackney Bloomer are now part of London life and orders have come fast and furious. The coffers, dear readers, are quite swelled!

I am filled with excitement and have been shopping already. Della has warned that there is little point in clearing the wardrobes to simply refill them but Della does not understand new fashions and the importance of being 'en vogue' for a Countess who is permanently in the public eye.

Today I am for coffee with the Lady Pembleton-Fraser herself, and Alfie, the chihuahua. Alfie and I have bonded quite readily, due probably to the tidbits after meals and to the fact that I have been seen walking out with him. Alfie brings much attention due to his dainty manifestation but is prone to bite, quite without warning. In this reagrd, he so reminds one of Mother. Nonetheless, he is up for a jaunt and quite looks the regal part when carried, if somewhat American!

I must also ready for a photographic appointment later on this fine Sabbath day. The hairdressers are due to arrive and I am to model the new bloomer, there is much to prepare for one's close up.......

God bless you all and long live Hackney.

First published 5/1/11 10:34 AM

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